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I design and build web and mobile products.

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I’m from Navarra (Spain). Since I was little I have been fascinated with technology: What really does go on behind the phone screen? How can we makes best use of technology to solve real problems?

I decided to study biochemistry at University of Navarra and explore how our body works. It seemed similar to programming: both look at what goes on behind the “scenes”, and this seems incredible to me.

After finishing my degree I decided to make my dream come true, so I moved to London and I started to learn by myself Objective-c and so be able to cooperate and create mobile apps. I like that you never hit the top and you always learn something new. As I did not have any previous experience of programming, I started an App Developer career programme at Training Dragon in the Tech City of London where I learned different programming languages in order to be a great app developer.

After my program, I started to work in be shared consulting (Barcelona) building websites for their clients and in St. Vincent de Paul Society (London) building an educational web app.

I do this jobs remotely from Spain where I moved for personal reasons.

What I do:

iOS app development

Objective C









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